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September 13, 2011

More buzz from BUILD – Developers get their devices!

I just got back from the Anaheim Convention Center where I got to see thousands of developers receiving their Samsung prototype PC with Windows 8 Developer Preview.


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Christian Loredo, John Tobin, Johnny Gabbai where the first 3 people in line for their devices and got a special surprise: Steven Sinofsky stopped by personally to hand them their PCs. Not only that, but Steven also signed their boxes!


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After the developers picked up their devices, they had an option of picking up a completely custom laptop sleeve made from recycled banners from past Microsoft events that are specifically designed and fitted for these PCs.


I have to say that it was absolutely incredible to see such excitement from everyone as they unboxed their devices.

Speaking of unboxing, Mike Angiulo, Corporate Vice President of Hardware & PC Ecosystem, stopped by Channel 9 earlier to do an unboxing of the device with Larry Larsen. Check out the unboxing video below:

I can’t wait to see the kinds of apps developers make for Windows 8!