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Update on 3D Printing in Windows

By Gavin Gear

This post was authored by Kris Iverson, a software developer lead who works on the 3D printing team in year, at Build 2013, I demonstrated how easy it is to turn bits into atoms using 3D Printing on Windows For… Read more

Continuing the Windows 8 vision with Windows 8.1

By Antoine Leblond

Before we launched Windows 7, we envisioned what the next version of Windows would need to We made a bet that the PC landscape and industry would undergo a significant transformation driven by an increase in That bet underscores the… Read more

Julie Larson-Green at the Wired Business Conference

By Brandon LeBlanc

Julie Larson-Green, Corporate Vice President for Windows, took to the stage at the Wired Business Conference a little while ago to talk about Windows 8 – reiterating much of the momentum Tami talked about earlier in this blog She also… Read more

More buzz from BUILD – Developers get their devices!

By Brandon LeBlanc

I just got back from the Anaheim Convention Center where I got to see thousands of developers receiving their Samsung prototype PC with Windows 8 Developer     Christian Loredo, John Tobin, Johnny Gabbai where the first 3 people in line… Read more

Windows 8 Previewed Today at BUILD

By Brandon LeBlanc

The keynote finished a few hours ago at BUILD where Steven Sinofsky and other members of his engineering leadership team shared a detailed preview of the next major Windows release codenamed “Windows 8” to the thousands of developers in attendance… Read more

Windows @ BUILD

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today, at the developer-focused BUILD conference in Anaheim, CA we’re are sharing a detailed preview of the next major release of Windows – “Windows 8”. You can watch our keynote live now at where Steven Sinofsky and other members of… Read more