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September 21, 2012

Windows AppFest – An 18 Hour Coding Marathon [UPDATED 9/22] #Windows8AppFest

I am incredibly excited to see what kinds of apps developers build for Windows. I make it a habit to regularly check the Windows Store for new and interesting apps. I remember over a year ago this week, we previewed Windows 8 to developers for the first time (wow, has it really been a year?!) and I got to witness their excitement first-hand. Since then, there have been more than 750 Windows developer events held in over 50 countries worldwide – and more than 200,000 developers have attended those events. And developer momentum continues as we move toward the general availability of Windows 8 on October 26th. We announced BUILD 2012 a few weeks ago. And today I get to tell you about a developer event happening this week which looks to be pretty incredible…

Starting at September 21st, an 18-hour coding marathon called Windows AppFest begins in what is known as the “Silicon Valley of India” – Bangalore. Thousands of developers from all over India and beyond will descend upon the event to build apps for Windows. This event represents an opportunity for developers to come together to learn how to build great apps and network with Microsoft programmers and design specialists. Developers will get help and guidance on preparing their apps for certification and ultimately submission into the Windows Store.

Oh and developers who attend might wind up contributing to a new entry in the Guinness World Records for the world’s largest coding marathon!

Here is a sneak peek at attendees arriving for the event with more photos to come!

Appfest 7

 Appfest 8


UPDATE 9/22: Thousands of developers made history today and Windows AppFest by setting a world record for the Most Participants in a Software Development Marathon in One Location. The record has been set at 2,567 developers coding non-stop for 18 hours.

Here are some photos over the course of the 18-hour coding marathon:

AppFest 18

Jon DeVaan, Corporate Vice President Windows Development at Microsoft shows a sample of apps built by India’s talented developers at the Windows AppFest Press Conference.

AppFest 20

 AppFest 22

Jon DeVaan, Corporate Vice President Windows Development at Microsoft hits the gong to signal the start of the 18 hour non-stop Windows AppFest as thousands of developers are ready to start the 18 hour non-stop Windows AppFest in Bangalore.

AppFest 33

‘ AppFest 51

Developers coding away!

AppFest 59

Rock band Swarathma entertains developers deep into the night at the Windows AppFest.

AppFest 60

As dawn rises developers are re-energized with a session of yoga at Windows AppFest.

AppFest 63

An exhausted developer catches a little sleep during the 18 hour non-stop Windows AppFest.

AppFest 66

Jon DeVaan, Corporate Vice President Windows Development talks to developers deep into the night at the Windows AppFest.

AppFest 69

Guinness World Records congratulates developers for setting an official record for the ‘Most Participants in Software Development Marathon’ at the Windows AppFest.


However, you don’t have to be in India to start coding on your own app! All you need to do is hit up the Windows Dev Center where you’ll get all the tools and resources needed to build an app for Windows 8. And definitely check out the Windows 8 app developer blog for some great content too. Just last week we announced that the Windows Store is now open to ALL developers in 120 markets. This includes companies AND individuals.

Developers: go to the Windows Store Dashboard on the Windows Dev Center and sign up today!