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September 23, 2011

First Person: With this phone, I thee wed…

A Windows Phone HTC HD7 played a supporting role in the recent wedding of Rachel McMurray-Branscombe, 24, of Eureka, CA. Here’s the story in her own words (photo: ©Rebecca Calvo Photography).

Photo courtesy of ©Rebecca Calvo Photography

The wedding was in a little white chapel, up against a mountain, near the ocean. We wanted a simple, elegant wedding that represented us. We went through all the different weddings we’d seen—do we want to mix the sand? light a unity candle?—but we decided that wasn’t really us. So we cut out all the things that weren’t really us, and wrote our own vows.

My phone is the thing I always have on me, so when I needed to write my vows I used Office on my phone. Whenever I thought of something I wanted to add, I could just jot it down. When it came to the day of, I thought maybe I should write it on a piece of paper. Then the minister said, “Why not just read it off your phone?”

My husband didn’t know I was going to read off my phone. He said his vows off paper, and when it was my turn I looked at the pastor and she pulled out my phone and handed it to me. Everyone laughed—it made it a little more lighthearted, so we weren’t bawling.

My husband laughed, because I’m on my phone all the time, and he’s on his. So I’m sure he wished he had thought of it. Now the vows are saved on my phone, and every time I want to go back and read them, I can. Meanwhile, his piece of paper is floating around somewhere—I don’t even know where it is.