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October 12, 2011

Updates: Now delivering to Omnia 7 on SFR

Hi everyone. The rollout of Windows Phone 7.5 continues, and we’re seeing solid uptake globally. 

Today we’ve added a new handset to the delivery pool: the Samsung Omnia 7 on SFR in France. Otherwise, there are no other changes to report. We’re still distributing the update to 50 percent of eligible customers. Thanks again for installing the update quickly and using all the new capabilities of Windows Phone 7.5. Your global adoption, use, and feedback is helping us make delivery decisions.

Finally, I’ve seen some questions here and on Facebook about phones still listed as testing on Where’s My Phone Update? If you own one, I want to reassure you that we’re working closely with carriers to complete testing and are making good progress. In the weeks ahead, we’ll be adding more phones to the Mango update mix. So stay tuned.

Eric Hautala, General Manager, Customer Experience Engineering