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October 26, 2011

Nokia’s First Two Windows Phones Are Here. And They’re Awesome.

Just a few minutes ago, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop wrapped up his keynote address at Nokia World 2011, where he unveiled Nokia’s first two Windows Phones, the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia 710. Having seen (and touched) them both myself, I can tell you first hand that they’re amazing. And they were definitely worth waiting for.

The Nokia Lumia 800 is a stunning piece of industrial design that features a unique unibody polycarbonate chassis that’s available in 3 beautiful colors – black, magenta and cyan. Inside is a 1.4Ghz processor with a dedicated GPU, 16GB of storage, and a class-leading Carl Zeiss camera, all capped off with a 3.7” “ClearBlack” display that offers beautiful colors and razor sharp picture. It’s available for pre-order starting today on in select markets for approximately 420 Euros, and you’ll be able to buy locally from over 30 carriers and retailers in 6 European markets this fall, with carriers and retailers in Russia, India, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong offering it for sale before the end of the year.

Here’s the official press shot:


And the photos I was able to take earlier today:


The Nokia Lumia 710 is a no-nonsense smartphone that’s designed to perform. It has the same processor and storage as the Nokia Lumia 800, and will be available in white and black with a number of different colored backs, including black, white, cyan, fuchsia and yellow. It’ll be available this year in Russia, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong and Singapore, with more markets coming in the first half of 2012. Retail price for the Nokia Lumia 710 is a very reasonable 270 Euros.

As with the Nokia Lumia 800, I have the official press shot and my personal hands-on photos:


These two new Lumia phones say loud and clear that Nokia is re-committing itself to building the best smartphones on the planet – and that they’re doing it with Windows Phone. That means that just like we built Windows Phone to put people first, they’re building hardware to do the same. Here’s what I mean:

  • Our innovation is complementary: To make a product truly “wow-worthy”, you need to build software to work perfectly with hardware, and hardware to work perfectly with software. That’s happening today with Nokia and Windows Phones. Take photos, for example. We built Windows Phone to include a “pocket to picture to post” feature that lets people capture photos and share them through their social networks almost instantly. To complement that, Nokia is building phones with high-end optics from Carl Zeiss so your photos are just as good as those taken with a point-and-shoot. It’s a perfect blend of hardware and software innovation working together to put you and the people you care about first.
  • Together, we’re bringing customers more of a good thing: Windows Phone has excellent built-in navigation with Bing Maps and powerful entertainment through Zune. Nokia’s making those even better by including Nokia Drive’s voice-activated free, turn-by-turn navigation and Nokia Music’s massive library of tracks and hundreds of channels from MixRadio. That’s more of a good thing, and it means that you can customize your experience exactly how you’d like it.
  • A beautiful OS deserves a beautiful phone: My first mobile phone was a Nokia, and from the moment I picked it up, I knew it was something special. The new Nokia Lumia family feels the same way – well built, sleek, fast, and flat out beautiful. And with Windows Phone onboard, they have an OS that matches that exceptional industrial design every step of the way. You’ll know exactly what I mean when you pick one up for the first time.
  • We’re making the ecosystem broader, deeper and stronger: We’re working together to build the Windows Phone ecosystem at every level – empowering developers to build compelling apps that take advantage of new and unique software and hardware features, partnering with component manufacturers to build even more amazing hardware, working with carriers to get Windows Phones into the hands of customers worldwide, and more. The short version of this is…we’re just getting started!

Six months ago, the Nokia/Microsoft partnership was just ink on paper. Today it’s two of the most impressive phones on the market and a roadmap for many more. We’re really proud of Nokia for fully committing to our partnership and for all of the hard work that their entire team is putting in to making the best smartphones in the world.

I’ll be at Nokia World all of today and tomorrow, blogging about the great stuff I find on the show floor, interviewing interesting people from both Nokia and Microsoft, and sharing as much as I can find about what the future holds for Nokia and Windows Phone. Keep an eye on the blog for new posts and follow me on Twitter for more sharable stuff from Nokia World!

And remember that you can keep up on all the latest stuff from Windows Phone through the Windows Phone Facebook Page and @WindowsPhone Twitter handle.