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October 27, 2011

Live at Nokia World 2011: Kevin Shields on “extreme product making”

Had a chance this morning to talk with Nokia Senior Vice President Kevin Shields about the Nokia design aesthetic – effectively, what makes a Nokia’s look, feel, weight, balance and construction so unique, and more importantly, so desirable.  It was a great opportunity to get a peek behind the curtain of how Nokia designs their product and the incredible amount of thought that goes into every single detail, form the way that the polycarbonate chassis of the Lumia 800 is dyed and milled, to the color palette selected for the Lumia 710. 

(A note before you get started with the video:  This is kind of a long one, but it’s worth it.  Watch the whole thing!)

When you pick up one of the new Nokia Lumias, you’ll instantly understand what Kevin is talking about – the phone just feels so “right” in your hand that you can’t help but appreciate its industrial design and ergonomics.

I’ll be at Nokia World all of today and tomorrow, blogging about the great stuff I find on the show floor, interviewing interesting people from both Nokia and Microsoft, and sharing as much as I can find about what the future holds for Nokia and Windows Phone. Keep an eye on the blog for new posts and follow me on Twitter for more sharable stuff from Nokia World!

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