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November 4, 2011

12 Free Ways to Get Ready For the Winter Holidays

If you live on the Northeast Coast of the United States, you don’t need a reminder that winter is coming. The 5-12” you got last week should be plenty. However, if you live (like me!) in rainy Seattle (or anywhere else) you are probably just starting to get in the winter spirit. For Seattle-ites that means dark long rainy days but for me it means that the holidays are just around the corner!

At this week’s Tech Tuesday chat, we discussed Holiday Craft trips and tricks you can do with your PC. In fact, we shared one a minute for the entire hour. Talk about getting crafty! Those who attend the Twitter chat asked that we share the top answers. So here are 12 great holiday craft ideas to get you in the mood for embracing winter.

  1. Print templates for holiday picture books that feature your children as the stars!
  2. Use Windows Live Movie Maker to create a holiday movies to share during a holiday party.
  3. Use Windows Live Photo Gallery to create stylized holiday images with different effects.
  4. Download any of the Windows 7 holiday themes:
  5. Create your own Windows 7 theme from your holiday photo images
  6. Donate your old PC to a charitable cause.
  7. Use InPrivate Browsing to stay off the naughty list in @ie.
  8. SkyDrive to create and share a family cookbook with recipes from around the world.
  9. Put a Santa hat on your PC and make it festive room centerpiece.
  10. Create and record holiday Christmas carols using the audio recorder
  11. Create a Hotmail to-do list in Hotmail calendar and sync it to your @windowsphone!
  12. Pin @ebay @amazon or @groupon to start your holiday shopping.

Enjoy the holiday season and share your ideas, tips and tricks below or with me @kristinalibby on Twitter. Also, don’t forget to check out the cool things we are doing with Southwest Airlines!