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Windows themes and wallpapers: both old friends and new

By Jennifer Shepherd

The holidays can be a time to reconnect with old It’s also the time of year when I bring out dusty cardboard boxes of fragile glass ornaments nested in tissue paper, as well as awkwardly childish creations made from salt-dough… Read more

New Windows themes for the beginning of winter

By Jennifer Shepherd

I think those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest may have a unique relationship with This is just conjecture, but I suspect that folks who live in Fargo, Fairbanks, Buffalo, or Boston don’t greet winter’s first snowfall with… Read more

App roundup: Apps to help celebrate the holidays

By Tatsuo Yamada

The holidays are in full swing, but there’s still time to get that last bit of celebrating in with friends and family before we ring in the New For this week’s app roundup, I’m taking a look at some apps… Read more

Jack Reacher theme… and a few questions for you

By Jennifer Shepherd

I just have a quick update for you this week, to let you know about our brand-new Jack Reacher theme which lets you get your Windows desktop ready for the December 21 release of the Jack Reacher movie! Also, don’t… Read more

Holiday goodies for your Windows desktop!

By Jennifer Shepherd

Have you started baking for the holidays yet? This is the time of year when I get out the family gingerbread recipe and make sure I have enough flour, molasses, cinnamon, and cloves to see me through this season of… Read more

Pinworthy: 7 apps for entertaining kids during the holidays

By Michael Stroh

Ah, the That magical time of year when offices and schools Working parents earn a much-needed And mom and dad get long stretches of uninterrupted playtime with their little Long, long stretches of OMG, the Parents: Let’s cut through the… Read more