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December 15, 2011

Ultra-portable keyboard for ultra-portable PCs – the Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000

Microsoft Hardware is announcing today the Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000. This is like the “little brother” to the Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 – but without the separate number pad. The Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 is a full-size keyboard and is light-weight with a very slim design. It features the approved design by Microsoft’s resident Ergonomist Dr. Dan Odell. Specifically, the design has a 6-degree curve that allows the keys to stay in a contiguous arc for a more natural wrist posture.

BMK5000 2011-12-14 002

This keyboard is perfect for new ultra-portable PCs like the ASUS ZENBOOK. I’ve been using the ASUS ZENBOOK UX21 – the 11.6” model – as my primary laptop PC. Ultra-portable laptop PCs often come with a limited number of USB ports and in my case with the ZENBOOK, I have only 2. When I’m out-and-about, I usually have one USB port used by the USB nano transceiver of my prototype Arc Touch Mouse I like to use and the other USB port is sometimes used by a memory stick. Because the Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 is, well, Bluetooth – it does not use a USB nano transceiver instead connecting wirelessly to a laptop PC. While the keyboard on my little ZENBOOK is quite adequate, I often enjoy the benefits of the ergonomic design of the Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 and the full-size keyboard especially when I’m doing a lot of writing.

Aside from the slim and light-weight design the Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 offers – another added benefit is the price: only $49.95 (U.S.). You’ll find it available this month!