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January 6, 2012

HP Unveils Its First 27-inch All-in-One and a New Gaming PC

In advance of CES 2012, HP announced their very first 27-inch All-in-One PC and a new desktop gaming PC earlier this week.

Omni 27_FrontLeft_Hero

Wow. Ok, so where to begin on the new HP Omni 27? HP really packed a lot into this All-in-One PC! The HP Omni 27 has an edge-to-edge glass 27-inch-diagonal HD screen that can be tilted up to 30 degrees for comfort level when viewing the screen. The PC will come with an Intel Core i5 2400s processor (2.5 GHz), integrated graphics and one terabyte of storage. For great sound, the HP Omni 27 sports HP Beats Audio. It also has HDMI-in port that allows you to connect something like an Xbox 360 or an external display. It’ll also come with a TV tuner and an optional Blu-ray drive. This All-in-One PC sounds like an entertainment/multimedia beast! The HP Omni 27 is expected to be available on Jan. 8 in the United States at a starting price of $1,199.99. See this blog post from HP’s The Next Bench Blog for more details on the HP Omni 27.

HP Pavilion HPE Phoenix4

HP also announced the Pavilion HPE h9 Phoenix desktop PC. This is the most powerful HP Pavilion PC to date. HP has an armor-plated-like design on the PC that extends across the top and front. It also has a slanted window on the side that allows you to see the glow of its internal red lighting and hardware. The HPE Phoenix boasts up to 16GB of DDR3 memory through four dual in-line memory modules. It has three internal hard drive bays for lots of storage. You can configure it with a high-end discrete NVIDIA GPU (up to 250W) that can support multiple displays and add a liquid cooling system. This PC would be perfect for a gamer or someone doing a bunch of video editing. The HPE h9 Phoenix is expected to be available on Jan. 8 in the United States at a starting price of $1,149.99. For more details on this beefy PC, check out this blog post on HP’s The Next Bench Blog.

While I haven’t yet been able to play with these PCs myself, you can read the hands-on experience with these new PCs from Dante D’Orazio at The Verge.

I expect we’ll see more from HP at CES 2012 next week!