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Updates to Entertainment in Windows 10

By Brandon LeBlanc

Windows 10 was built to offer a familiar and secure experience, with unmatched productivity offerings and more entertainment options for Windows Not only will you be able to enjoy great gaming on Windows 10 – including the new Minecraft: Windows… Read more

Viggle now available for Windows and Windows Phone

By Brandon LeBlanc

Who doesn’t like the idea of earning rewards for watching their favorite TV shows and listening to their favorite music? With Viggle, just hold up the app to check in to TV shows you’re watching or match music you’re listening… Read more

Announcing the new All-in-One Media Keyboard

By Brandon LeBlanc

People love to show off their photos and videos to friends and family and a common way to do this is by connecting a device like a laptop or tablet to a Today, we’re announcing the All-in-One Media Keyboard that… Read more

Stream more than 3,000 premium movies with EPIX

By Brandon LeBlanc

If you love watching movies like I do, you might be interested in checking out EPIX which is now available for download from the Windows With EPIX, you have access to their full catalog of over 3,000 titles such as… Read more

SlingPlayer now available in the Windows Store

By Brandon LeBlanc

Got a Slingbox? Download SlingPlayer ($) from the Windows Store today and watch live or recorded TV shows remotely right from your Windows tablet or With the SlingPlayer app for Windows, you can find interesting TV shows to watch using… Read more

Now in the Store: Hulu Plus for Windows Phone 8

By Michael Stroh

The official Hulu Plus app arrived for Windows Phone 8 this morning, bringing tons of top-notch TV shows and movies to your Download it The app is free but a Hulu Plus subscription will run you $8 a The app… Read more

Deezer comes to the Windows Store

By Brandon LeBlanc

Deezer is a global music subscription service that is available in more than 180 And today, the Deezer app is available in the Windows With the app, Windows 8 users can enjoy up to a year’s worth of unlimited ad-supported… Read more