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December 19, 2013

Stream more than 3,000 premium movies with EPIX

If you love watching movies like I do, you might be interested in checking out EPIX which is now available for download from the Windows Store.


With EPIX, you have access to their full catalog of over 3,000 titles such as The Hunger Games, Skyfall, World War Z and Star Trek: Into Darkness, plus concerts featuring Madonna and P!NK, comedy specials with Jenny McCarthy and Patton Oswalt, and documentaries such as TWA Flight 800 and Schooled: The Price of College Sports. You get all this and more right on your Windows PC or tablet.


With EPIX on Windows, you will be able to pin your favorite movies, concerts, comedy specials and documentaries right to your Start screen for quick access. You can also multitask while watching a movie by snapping EPIX next to another app like the Mail app or Facebook.


For more, click here to read today’s press release from EPIX.

Download EPIX from the Windows Store today. If you don’t already have an EPIX account, you can create one and start a 14-day trial to check out EPIX on your device.