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January 9, 2012

Have Fun Today With Cut the Rope on IE9

You may have heard in the CES keynote about the new game that IE is launching today called “Cut the Rope!” If you have a smart phone, you might have already played this wildly addicting game. If not, the basic premise is that you need to feed Om Nom (the super cute little green monster) and you do so by cutting a rope. The game is so simple that everyone can learn to play in seconds.

The game was made in HTML5 meaning that it’s fast and beautiful(Okay, for developers HTML5 means a lot more than that but for this post, let’s keep it simple). So, you get 25 levels on IE9 for free. And when you pin Cut the Rope to your Windows 7 taskbar IE9 takes on the look and feel of the game and unlocks seven levels not found in any previous versions of Cut the Rope, giving you tons of Om Nom candy eating fun.

As someone who is not a great gamer, 25 levels of playing time basically means that I won’t leave my desk or get work done for the rest of the week. Will you join me in playing? You can access the game here and learn more about HMTL5 and IE9 here.