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A #Giveaway for Hunger Games Fans – #hungergames

By Kristina Libby

Want to win a Hunger Games engraved HP Folio 13 running Windows 7? I’m assuming the answer is For those of you who don’t know, the Folio 13 is a hot PC that’s light, fast and the ultimate companion for… Read more

Have Fun Today With Cut the Rope on IE9

By Kristina Libby

You may have heard in the CES keynote about the new game that IE is launching today called “Cut the Rope!” If you have a smart phone, you might have already played this wildly addicting If not, the basic premise… Read more

My 3 favorite tips for Internet Explorer Mobile

By The Windows Phone Team

[This is the first in an occasional series of tips and tricks from the engineers who create Windows ] One question I frequently get from people when they learn I work on Windows Phone is, “What’s your favorite feature?” I… Read more