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April 2, 2012

Pop Artist Jasmine Villegas Invites Fans to Explore Her New Interactive Music Video

There was a time when a pop-up video was only to be found on MTV. It took the classic music video and made it more interesting, more watchable and on some level more personable. Pop-up videos meant that you learned about the artist, about the scenes and more. Remember that? If you do, you’re likely a bit older than Jasmine Villegas, the young pop sensation that tweens around the nation adore. Recently, she teamed up with the Internet Explorer Team to create a video that takes the music video one step further into the future.

With her video, a remix of her hit song “Just A Friend”, the artist has elevated the music video to an interactive experience for fans. By logging into their Facebook accounts, fans will see familiar images from their own pages populate the video and they will also have the ability to interact with Jasmine in a choose-your-own-adventure setting! Therefore, the watcher becomes an active participant. Not only that, but at the end of the video, fans have the option of having Jasmine give them a call on their cell phone (pre-recorded of course!). Um… hello, that’s awesome. J

Made possible using Internet Explorer 9 and HTML5, the video is a powerful step forward in how people connect with the music artists they love and more importantly enhances the experience of connecting with them. “I think this type of video will bring me closer to everyone who enjoys my music,” Jasmine says. “It’s not possible for me to meet all of my fans in person, but this is a new and fun way for them to feel connected to me.”

You can check it out for yourself at, and if you’d like to know about the more technical aspects behind the creation of the video, check out this blog post from the IE Team. Curious to know more? Tweet me @kristinalibby.