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October 15, 2012

Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chat – Contre Jour and Internet Explorer #winchat

As many of you may know, last week Internet Explorer introduced the newest in their series of HTML5 experiences. This time, they brought the heralded and beloved video game Contre Jour to the web. The game is based on the French phrase “against daylight,” and the app’s compelling design aesthetic blurs the lines between interactive art and gaming as players are transported into a beautiful, mysterious world. The game brings to the forefront what is possible with touch with Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 but also is a fun and engaging experience for those with non-touch devices. We will be talking about the game, the story behind the game and more during tomorrow’s Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chat.

Plus, we will be shipping out a Vizio 14”Thin + Light PC to one of the people in the audience so that you two can have a chance to play! The Vizio Thin + Light PC is a great PC for every day usage and for those who like to secret away playing games for hours at a time.


To participate in the Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chat:

  1. Join us from 12-1 PT (3-4 ET) on Twitter
  2. Follow the hashtag #winchat
  3. Follow @windows, @kristinalibby, @brandonleblanc, @daniellaycock, @windowsblog, and @ie to make sure you get the whole picture.
  4. For full legal rules, click here.

Note we will only be talking about the outlined topic each week and we will not be answering questions outside those topics. Questions for this week may include: What is Contre Jour? What is HTML? Why is IE making these cool online games?