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January 12, 2012

VIDEO: Windows Phone wins 88% of #smokedbywindowsphone challenges at CES 2012!

#smokedbywindowsphone is a wrap at CES 2012, and it was a raging success!   Thousands of people (yes, we had crowds watching the challenges happen) saw first hand why Windows Phone connects them to the stuff and people they care about faster and easier than other smartphones.  We gave away a ton of new phones, lost a little bit of cash ($300, to be exact), and had a great time meeting our fans, haters, and everyone in between. 

Overall, our win/loss record for the show was:

  • 30 wins
  • 3 losses
  • 1 draw

For those of you who are math impaired (like me), that’s an 88% win percentage.  Not bad, right?  Check out the day two wrap-up video to see how things went down:

And since I know the question is coming, here’s a quick summary of the phones that took the challenge:

  • Phones we beat: A few each of iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, Galaxy Nexus, ATT Skyrocket, Droid Charge, Droid Bionic, various BlackBerries, Palm Pre Plus.
  • Phones that beat us: iPhone 4s (posted a picture to twitter just a hair faster), Droid Bionic (got an SMS to a friend a smidge faster than I did), and Galaxy Nexus (also posting a photo to Twitter)

Keep an eye on the Windows Phone $100 challenge YouTube playlist for more videos throughout the day and remember to follow me on Twitter to keep up on all of the #smokedbywindowsphone action and whatever else I’m up to.