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February 1, 2012

These 20 tweeters just got cured of their #DroidRage

This week the internet was buzzing about how upwards of 5 million Android users have phones infected with annoying adware.  To help out, we offered up 20 free Windows Phones to people who shared their story about their frustrations with their Android phone, and why a Windows Phone would be a welcome upgrade.  

I got nearly 1000 responses since we kicked things off (thanks to everyone who sent in a story!), and out of those, here are our 20 winners:

If you’re one of the lucky winners all you need to do to claim your prize send me an email with your name, Twitter handle, address and phone number.  Be sure to include the subject “I won the second round of #DROIDRAGE Phones!” so I can find your mail in my inbox!

Thanks to everyone who sent in their story!  And remember to follow me on Twitter to share your story, ask a question, or say hi.