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February 28, 2012

Tips for using the new Skype Beta app

Making calls is easy on the new Skype Beta for Windows Phone.

Our friends at Skype have just posted a short tip sheet for the new beta (test) version of their free Skype for Windows Phone app. Check it out on their blog. And if you haven’t snagged the beta yet, download it now from the Windows Phone Marketplace. (It’s already got nearly 200 ratings and 4.5 stars!)

I spent Monday skyping some friends on this thing and was having fun. But as Skype’s Raul Liive pointed out yesterday on their Garage blog (such a cool name), it’s important to remember that it’s still a pre-release version of the app—so not all planned features have been wired up yet. For the time being, it’s also available only in English.

Still, I think they’re off to an exciting start. Want to tell Skype what you think of the beta, or ask a question about it? Visit their Support Network.