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Quick tip: How to give your phone a unique name

By Elizabeth Reese

With a phone as unique as you are, you might want to consider giving it a unique name (which also comes in handy when multiple phone-owning family members sync to the same PC). Unlike naming your firstborn, you won’t even… Read more

Tips for using Rooms on other phones

By Juliette Guilbert

[This post was written by Lavanya Vasudevan, program manager for the Rooms feature in Windows Phone ] What if someone I want to invite to my new Room doesn’t have Windows Phone 8? It’s a good question, and as program… Read more

Video: Tips for using Bing in Windows Phone 8

By Michael Stroh

If you’ve just picked up a new Windows Phone 8 and want some pointers on how to use some of its new search-related features, check out this video from Bing’s Stefan Weitz, who walks through some of his The video… Read more

10 things you didn’t know your Lumia could do

By Michael Stroh

There’s a new poll out hinting that many people flocking to Windows Phone and handsets like the new Nokia Lumia 900 are former Apple and Android (Can’t say I’m totally ) If you are a proud new Lumia owner—or just… Read more

Tips for using the new Skype Beta app

By Michael Stroh

Our friends at Skype have just posted a short tip sheet for the new beta (test) version of their free Skype for Windows Phone Check it out on their And if you haven’t snagged the beta yet, download it now… Read more