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May 8, 2012

Smoked by Windows Phone by the numbers (and new ads!)

When I kicked off Smoked by Windows Phone at CES in January, I did it with one thing in mind – show the world that Windows Phone is simply faster at the everyday stuff that people do on their smartphones. Since then we’ve seen it in the Microsoft Stores, run by fans, and hosted by Microsoft teams all over the world.

The big takeaway from Smoked is that it’s about showing what Windows Phone can do, not telling people what Windows Phone can do. So rather than write a really long, wordy blog post, I thought that it would be cool to post some of our awesomest (yes, I *still* claim that’s a word) results from around the world.


The total number of views of Smoked by Windows Phone videos since it kicked off in January.


YouTube top 5 most viewed lists in which Smoked videos appeared (“Most Popular from Around the Web – All Categories”, and we’re still in the top 5 on Science & Technology)


Percentage of viewers who liked Smoked videos on YouTube.


The number of countries running Smoked by Windows Phone.. Some of my favorites include Hong Kong’s game-show style event, Indonesia’s 50-person mall takeover, Nokia India’s “Blown Away by Lumia”, and the UK’s massive “Dare to Live” campaign that is spanning retail, advertising, the web, and of course, in-person challenges.


This represents the number of smartphones that have been Smoked by Windows Phone since CES. A big part of this is the “$1000 Windows Phone Challenge” that the Microsoft Stores have been running since March. Here’s how Windows Phone has fared in-store so far:



Windows Phone’s global win percentage. This includes everything from CES through today.


The estimated number of people who’ve seen, participated in, or read about Smoked by Windows Phone worldwide. This includes stuff like social and media impressions from our videos and ad buy, as well as media coverage social shares, tweets, and Facebook posts. That’s a LOT of people checking out Windows Phone!

Why stop there if things are going so well? Today we’re introducing a new set of Smoked by Windows Phone ads that you’ll start seeing across your favorite sites. If you’re in a hurry and want to see them all right now, hit our “Faster than Windows Phone?” YouTube playlist. Here’s a sample:

A big thank you to everyone around the world who’s supported Smoked by Windows Phone! None of this would have happened without you (ok, maybe CES, but you know what I mean … ).  Everyone on the Windows Phone team is grateful for your support.

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