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May 11, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day!

Every week, I meet a lot of inspiring women in my job – both people who I work with and people who I meet along the way because of what I do. Just this past week we hosted a variety of workshops around the country and some very cool inspiring journalists and bloggers touched me with their stories. They shared what they do from running a family to managing a business but what struck me was the impact these women make in their communities at large.

One such woman, Leticia Barr of Tech Savvy Mama went to Haiti last year to assist other women in giving them the tools to voice their stories. This November she’ll return to teach and mentor on the blogging tools which allow their voices to travel even further (#bloggers4haiti). Meanwhile in Minneapolis, I connected with moms like Mimi Baker of Woven By Words who is raising four children, working full time and still finds time for a daily blog that connects her with the community. She does it all while looking stunning, I might add.

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Over the last few weeks to celebrate mom’s and the women who inspire us — we’ve shared a few fun tips around how to create free gifts from mom for Mother’s Day. You can create a fast digital card in Paint like the one below. Check out our Facebook page for a step by step how to. Then you can even go one step further and create a digital photo album for Mom, like this one, by taking your Paint image and adding other great images for your mom in a SkyDrive folder. You may also want to create a fun video of favorite clips and images using Windows Live Movie Maker.


Who inspires you? For me it’s these women and of course my mom. So, why not stop for a moment and say: Thanks to the Moms and the women that we know who inspire us.

The possibilities are endless- so go ahead, get creative and mostly don’t forget to #saythankstomom.

Happy Mother’s Day!