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App roundup: 4 Windows apps for Mother’s Day

By Amy D

My mom, Laurie D, is the She can play a bunch of instruments better than I If you’ve got a melody, she can figure out five-part harmonies to sing with She can embroider roses, dogs, cats, angels, and probably anything… Read more

Happy Mother’s Day!

By Kristina Libby

Every week, I meet a lot of inspiring women in my job – both people who I work with and people who I meet along the way because of what I Just this past week we hosted a variety of… Read more

Windows themes: Happy Mother’s Day!

By Jennifer Shepherd

Love between mother and child is one of the deepest and most universal bonds there In celebration of Mother’s Day, the new Furry Families theme depicts motherly love of many species, including lions, otters, polar bears, horses, foxes, and prairie… Read more

Join Us and Say Thanks to Mom

By Kristina Libby

Do you live in Washington DC or Minneapolis? Are you a blogger, a mom or a simply interested in how to make a great gift for the Mom or inspiring lady in your life? If so, then join us this… Read more