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June 14, 2012

School Is Out for The Summer – What PC are You Rocking?

Something terrible happened this morning. I just realized that school is out for the summer and I didn’t realize it. This is a terrible sign that I’m getting too old to have friends who are still in school. On the plus side, I’m finally educated enough to know what the best technology graduation gifts are for students. You win some. You lose some. So, if you just graduated, know someone who has graduated or are just curious what PC I’d recommend for a student then read on.

Let’s start with the HP Envy 15. This PC has a 15” screen which is bigger than I normally recommend but probably good for preserving your eyes while you are slaving away over hours and hours of homework. You likely don’t know this but I had perfect vision before going to college. Now, I am basically blind without contacts. A bigger PC screen adds a little weight but this beauty is worth it – plus, you’ll save your eyes. Price: $1,299.


If you want to go ultra-thin, ultra-light and sleek the Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook is a beautiful option. We talked about this PC a lot during a previous Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chat and people were really supportive of the design and style. So basically, you already know that other people are going to be jealous of it and you’ll know that you have something with rad style. Plus for a student who is constantly on the go, the portability is going to save your back and your shoulders. Was I the only one who slouched to one side from a heavy book bag in high school?


Finally, there are a few cool non-PC things that you might be interested. I say this not because I’m buying these things for my niece who just graduated High School and I want to believe I purchased something cool.

  • Microsoft Office Student: Every student needs this. From writing papers to creating presentations for class – it’s useful and with enough practice, I promise you, making power point decks becomes fun!
  • A Microsoft Hardware Arc Touch Mouse: Honestly, every time I show mine to someone they love it. It’s wireless and super portable with the way it curves for comfort and flattens to pack. My niece is getting this one.   
  • A Microsoft Hardware Webcam: Because, at some point, you or your favorite college student is going to want to get in touch and a hi-definition webcam is the best way to stay connected without being in the same place. I use mine at least once a week.
  • Finally, it’s cool to have your own printer – especially an all-in-one that can do anything you ask of it. This Epson Stylus NX430 is a favorite of @daniellaycock and small enough to fit in your dorm room!

Oh and if you didn’t know, when you buy a PC over $699, you get an Xbox and now for an additional $14.95 you can purchase the Windows 8 upgrade offer. Talk about a sweet deal. It (and summer break) make me wish I was still in school.