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Top 5 back-to-school apps for Windows Phone

By Michael Stroh

I spent the weekend at my local office supply store, elbowing other parents out of the way of #2 pencils, glue sticks, and pink erasers—an annual end-of-summer ritual for my elementary school-age For the college crowd, back to school is… Read more

Pinworthy: Top 10 back-to-school apps for Windows Phone

By Michael Stroh

My university days took place in the era of ink and Oh, how times have Spiral notebooks and ball-point pens? So last Today a well-stocked Windows Phone can substitute for entire backpack’s worth of campus gear and ease the transition… Read more

Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Availability

By Brandon LeBlanc

Back in January, Gavriella Schuster published a blog post introducing Windows MultiPoint Server Windows MultiPoint Server is designed to make technology access easier and more affordable for educational What Windows MultiPoint Server does is a PC’s excess capability to enable… Read more

How To: Outfit your college student for under $1000

By Ben Rudolph

UPDATED 8/16/10, 9:32pm PST - Added a link to an even cheaper version of Office to save you more dough! I saw an article over the weekend that said that according to the National Retail Federation, college students are cutting… Read more