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July 9, 2012

Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chat

My niece is headed to college this year and I’m going to teach her one thing before she leaves – how to stay in touch while she is away. I did my undergraduate degree 15 hours away from my family and in Canada, so I remember how much of a struggle it can be to be away from home, taking on a new challenge and trying to stay in touch. When I went to school, it was a once a week phone call home on Sunday morning. Luckily, now, just 10 years (Yikes!) later, there are so many more solutions for staying constantly in contact like chatting via a webcam on Skype.

This week Skype and Microsoft Hardware are going to join us to share the best ways and the best tools for staying in touch when you are away from home. While the chat is geared towards students, this is great advice for anyone who travels. Not to mention, you can enter to win one of three 60 minute Skype credits paired with a Microsoft Hardware LifeCam Studio webcam for answering questions 1-4 in the chat.

To participate in the Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chat:

  1. Join us from 12-1 PT (3-4 ET) on Twitter
  2. Follow the hashtag #winchat
  3. Follow @windows, @kristinalibby, @brandonleblanc, @daniellaycock, and @windowsblog to make sure you get the whole picture. Plus, follow our guests Skype and Microsoft Hardware!
  4. For full Terms and Conditions, read here.

Note we will only be talking about the outlined topic each week and we will not be answering questions outside those topics. Questions for this week may include: How do I use Skype? What is Microsoft Hardware? What type of webcam has the best resolution?