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Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chat – Acer #winchat

By Kristina Libby

As some of you know, I use an Acer Aspire S7 and love It’s a great device that has travelled from event to event, city to city and work place to fun place and back It’s why I’m thrilled to… Read more

Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chat with Vizio #winchat

By Kristina Libby

As many of you know, VIZIO entered the PC market in a big way last They have recently refreshed their line up with adding touchscreens that are highly responsive to their Thin + Light Touch collection and All-in-One Touch As… Read more

Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chat – TBR #winchat

By Kristina Libby

I once had a professor tell me that nothing matters if you don’t have the data to back it This has proven to be true in basically every realm of my As such, I tend to geek out on surveys,… Read more