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December 12, 2012

The ASUS VivoTab RT at 30,000 feet

I had been avidly awaiting the arrival of a new Windows 8 PC after months of reading reviews and seeing pictures. The ASUS VivoTab RT was one that caught my attention early on because it was a truly unique PC. When the box landed on my desk I could hardly wait to dive into it.

Setting up the tablet was super simple—all I had to do was accept the terms and conditions, add my Microsoft account, pick my favorite color (purple!) for the Start screen, and then I let Windows work its magic behind the scene while it showed me some great tips and tricks for getting up and running quickly. Before I knew it the start screen was alive with my photos, friends, and email.

One thing that instantly impressed me was how well the ASUS felt in my hands. At a feathery 1.1 pound this tablet could not be easier to hold for long periods of time. This was especially convenient on my most recent trip to Florida. The VivoTab RT fit effortlessly in my bag–something that my shoulder greatly appreciated.

The big, bright and stunningly responsive touch screen made my favorite apps like The New York Times come to life on the plane. This made the time pass much more quickly, which made me very happy!

Here are some pictures from my flight. You can see how easily it fit on my tray table (even leaving room for my water and headphone case)!

Delta 1

 Delta 2

The ASUS VivoTab RT comes with the Office Home & Student 2013 RT. Sharing documents is super simple, so is saving things to SkyDrive, and there is this new feature that reminds you where you left off in a document so you can pick up right where you were before you saved and closed the app.

I love the ability to have Microsoft Office on a tablet and the attachable keyboard that is available for the VivoTab RT takes the awesomeness of this tablet to the next level. On the flight, I was able to get right down to work finishing up an Excel spreadsheet, before I happily transitioned to entertaining myself with Fresh Paint.

One really cool part of the VivoTab RT keyboard is that it charges the battery in the tablet when the two are connected—that way when you take the tablet off, it has more battery than when you put it on the keyboard. This tablet already packs 9 hours of power, and has the great ability to instantly resume from being asleep (like your smartphone) when you press the power button.

I have been having a great time with my ASUS VivoTab RT. From checking out the latest headlines in the morning, to meetings at work, and finally surfing Facebook at the end of the day, this tablet is a real gem. If you are interested in checking out the ASUS VivoTab RT for yourself, you can find more information on the Microsoft Store website, and don’t miss the great offer to get a free Mobile Dock keyboard with the purchase of the tablet.