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TripAdvisor integrates into Bing Smart Search in Windows 8.1

By Brandon LeBlanc

Earlier this month, TripAdvisor launched their app for Windows to the Windows With TripAdvisor, you can plan a trip by comparing airfares to find great deals, find the best hotels, and great restaurants to eat TripAdvisor also has over 125… Read more

Bing apps get updated

By Brandon LeBlanc

The Bing team announced today several major updates for the Bing app which include News, Finance, Weather, Sports, Maps and Now you can customize the news app exactly how you want it by seeing only the story categories, topics, or… Read more

App roundup: Plan your spring break

By Brittany K

Maybe it’s conditioning left over from years of going to school, but every year around this time I start to get spring break In Seattle, the worst of the winter is usually behind us in March, but it’s still cold… Read more

Now in the Store: United Airlines

By Michael Stroh

It’s been a good day for big-name First Pandora, now the free and official United Airlines app for Windows Phone 8 has touched down in the Store—a nearly perfect pairing for frequent Download it here The app makes it easier… Read more

Now in the Store: Priceline

By Michael Stroh

Last month I listed some of the travel apps I use when I hit the Here’s one more worthy addition: the official Priceline Express Deals app, which arrived in the Store late last The app makes it possible to find… Read more