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April 30, 2013

Setting Up AMD CrossFire for 146fps 3-Display PC Gaming

I recently blogged about AMD’s CrossFire technology and showed that in some cases you can get nearly twice the fps when running two AMD 7970 graphics cards together in CrossFire mode compared to a single 7970 card. In this post I’m joined by Larry Larsen who works with developers on the Channel 9 network. Larry shares a passion for technology and is a fellow Windows Enthusiast so I thought it would be fun to ask him to be a part of this story.

Larry and I put together a video to show how AMD CrossFire works including:

  1. Installing a second AMD 7970 video card and CrossFire bridge into a gaming PC
  2. Configuring and validating CrossFire setup in the AMD Vision Engine Control Center
  3. Demo: 3-display EyeFinity DirectX 11 gaming demo (3 x 1920×1080) with BF3 on Windows 8

The result with this AMD CrossFire setup is amazing! The FRAPS peak fps measurement shown below is for BF3 running in a 3:1 1920×1080 Eyefinity setup (for 5760×1080 total resolution) at medium quality:

BF3 146 FPS

Larry and I are working on more Windows enthusiast hands-on videos, so please stay tuned here on the Extreme Windows Blog.

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