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July 15, 2013

Windows 8.1 DPI Scaling Enhancements

By Gavin Gear

4K display technology is here, and if you haven’t seen a 4K display in-person prepare to be blown away! With products like the 32” Sharp PN-K321 4K Ultra-HD display now hitting the US market you can now experience this technology… Read more

April 30, 2013

Setting Up AMD CrossFire for 146fps 3-Display PC Gaming

By Gavin Gear

I recently blogged about AMD’s CrossFire technology and showed that in some cases you can get nearly twice the fps when running two AMD 7970 graphics cards together in CrossFire mode compared to a single 7970 In this post I’m… Read more

February 22, 2013

Quick Look: DirectX 11 Gaming in 4K on Windows 8

By Gavin Gear

Anyone that’s into PC gaming knows that display and graphics are core to the gaming Imagine if you could take your 24”-27” 1080p display and quadruple the surface area and pixel Now imagine playing your favorite DirectX 11 games on… Read more

December 17, 2012

Extreme 4K Multi-Mon Video Editing on Windows 8

By Gavin Gear

I am amazed by the image quality that’s possible with today’s 4K digital cinema It’s like watching full-res images from a DSLR playing back at 24 fps on the big screen, 4K footage is just Seeing 4K footage on the… Read more