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July 26, 2013

Hipstamatic Oggl, the popular social photo app, comes to Windows Phone 8

Hipstamatic Oggl is a hugely popular social photo editing app that can transform even ho-hum shots into hip works of art—and then show them off on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Hipstamatic’s own online community gallery.

Now this one-time iPhone exclusive is available for Windows Phone 8—including an exclusive pro version made just for the new Nokia Lumia 1020, which goes on sale today at AT&T (more coverage).

Download Hipstamatic Oggl for Windows Phone 8

Download Hipstamatic Oggl PRO for Nokia Lumia 1020

Image editing apps are a dime a dozen these days. But what really sets Hipstamatic Oggl apart is both its built-in social features and extensive collection of creative effects. The filters come in two categories: lenses and films, which you can apply to your raw shots in different combinations to create images that are moody, whimsical, retro—pretty much whatever you like.

Hipstamatic Oggl for Windows Phone 8

Hipstamatic Oggl for Windows Phone 8

If you pick up a new Nokia Lumia 1020, download the free and exclusive pro version of the app, which Hipstamatic created by working hand-in-hand with the Nokia engineers responsible for the 1020’s critically-acclaimed 41-megapixel camera sensor. Hipstamatic Oggl PRO has all the features of the standard app but adds some key features that serious shutterbugs will likely appreciate. These include:

  • manual control of things like exposure, white balance, ISO and shutter speed
  • the ability to reframe shots using the 1020’s lossless zoom feature
  • an auto-leveling feature for orienting shots

Both the standard and pro versions of Hipstamatic require 1GB RAM and come with 5 preset lenses and films. But check this out: If you download the app and create a Hipstamatic Oggl account by August 9, you’ll get 60 days complimentary access to Hipstamatic’s entire library of filters and effect. Once that expires, access will cost $2.99 for a three-month subscription and $9.99 for an annual subscription. So grab it now and start showing the world what you can do.

Hipstamatic Oggl PRO for the Nokia Lumia 1020 with Windows Phone 8

Hipstamatic Oggl PRO for the Nokia Lumia 1020 with Windows Phone 8