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October 14, 2013

Fresh Paint for Windows Phone 8 updated with pencil mode, Bing integration, and SkyDrive sync

The unveiling of the next Windows Phone 8 update wasn’t the only exciting update news today. Microsoft’s free and innovative Fresh Paint app for Windows Phone 8 also received the refresh we first blogged about last week. (Haven’t tried it? You can download Fresh Paint here.)

The update adds a new pencil mode—actually, the same, highly realistic graphite pencil found in Fresh Paint for Windows 8.1. A new “Inspire Me” option, meanwhile, helps you search Bing for images to incorporate into your creations. You’ll see new photo filters and a revamped user interface that makes the look of Fresh Paint more consistent across phone and PC.

Perhaps best of all, with the help of SkyDrive you can now start painting on your phone and finish on your PC, picking up right where you left off. Just tap the “Save To” icon in the app and import it into your Fresh Paint gallery on Windows 8.

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