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October 18, 2013

Right from the Start: Delivering the Windows 8.1 Apps and Services

Microsoft is continuing on its mission to deliver one experience across all the devices in your life. At the center of that experience are the more than 20 new and improved Microsoft apps and services that come right from (the) Start on your new Windows device, which came to life in yesterday’s release of Windows 8.1.

This blog wraps up the “Right from the Start” series of posts we have been sharing over the last few weeks. We aspire for Windows to stand for the best set of consumer’s experiences on any device – the best music through Xbox Music, the best web through IE, the best cloud-storage with SkyDrive, the best mail with, the best apps to show your creative side, and more.

The apps and services you get built in with Windows 8.1 deliver a fresh perspective with you at the center focusing on the things you value most. Staying connected, expressing yourself, getting stuff done, having some serious fun: these are some of the most important things we all do, every day, and we believe your Windows device should reflect that right from the first moment you power it on. And while, each service itself is compelling, the magic really happens when they smoothly flow together to create one connected experience.

It’s been great hearing from so many of you early adopters about how excited you are for the new experience that is Windows. I encourage all of you to jump in and see what these apps and services are all about. Here are a few things to try when you get your new Windows 8.1 device…

  • Upload some photos to SkyDrive – and watch them show up across all of your devices
  • Download Movie Moments from the Windows Store and see how simple it is to trim, add captions, and make your short video shareable within “moments.”
  • Start listening to free music straight away with the Xbox Music app – more than 33 million songs are in the catalogue – for free!
  • Read this blog about all the new Bing apps.

Check out the below to see the list of apps and services that are available right from the Start in Windows 8.1:


Whether you update your Windows 8 device or buy a device with Windows 8.1. Check the Windows Store on your Windows 8 device for your free update to Windows 8.1 or read our blog post here.

Ryan Gavin
General Manager
Microsoft Apps & Services

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