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November 12, 2013

NOOK gets updated for Windows 8.1

I’m a little behind on this but a few weeks ago when we released the Windows 8.1 update, NOOK also released an update for their app that supports new features in Windows 8.1 like enhanced support for snap view and portrait orientation, the ability to import files from SkyDrive, enhanced search, improved library organization and even better in-app support for customers. If you’ve already updated your device to Windows 8.1, you likely already received this update through the Windows Store (app updates now happen automatically in the background).


Here is a full list of what’s new with the latest NOOK for Windows 8.1 app update:

  • Enhanced search discoverability from anywhere in the app, along with a streamlined search results page.
  • Import ePub and PDF files from “My PC” & SkyDrive, with imported files appearing in the NOOK library and current reading page saved for imported items.
  • Improved library organization featuring grouping by content type and integrated library search access.
  • Support for enhanced snap view in Windows 8.1 to dynamically adapt to changes in windows size and screen orientation.
  • Improved support for portrait orientation for a great reading experience on Windows tablets.
  • Even better in-app support featuring “Send Feedback” link to contact Customer Service.
  • Support for new small and large live tile sizes in Windows 8.1.
  • Improved access to archived content including access to items archived on another NOOK device or app.

NOOK for Windows 8.1 also supports signing in with your Microsoft account. And it also supports interactive magazines – a recently added feature!

You can learn more about NOOK for Windows 8.1 by clicking here. And if you don’t have NOOK installed, download it here from the Windows Store.

Do you have any good book recommendations? I love reading about history. Sound off in comments with your recommendations!