October 9, 2015 2:45 pm

Pinball FX2 Windows 10 Edition is Now Available

Pinball FX2 Windows 10 Edition is now available, you can download it from the Windows Store for free today!


A classic arcade game becomes a whole new adventure with the original pinball tables of Pinball FX2. Delivering some of the hottest brands in entertainment – names like Star Wars, Marvel and The Walking Dead – this game features next-generation graphics, new achievements and a slick interface. With support for touch, keyboard-and-mouse or controller play, Pinball FX2 Windows 10 Edition puts an awesome new spin on a favorite game. You can even sign in with your Gamertag to earn Xbox Live achievements!

Finally, an exciting feature coming soon to Pinball FX2 is cross-buy support across Windows 10 and Xbox One versions of the game. This means you’ll be able to buy a pinball table in-game on your Windows 10 device and unlock the same content on your Xbox One at no additional cost.

Download Pinball FX2 Windows 10 Edition for free today.