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LG Electronics Showcase New Windows 10 Devices in Korea

Written By published October 13, 2015

The next stop on our tour was Seoul, Korea. Today it was my honor to join Brian Kwon, President of LG Home Entertainment Company, for a panel discussion on Windows 10 and LG devices.

Windows 10 is off to a great start in Korea, with the fastest adoption the market has ever seen for Windows – five times faster than Windows 8. In Korea, there are over 22,000 different types of devices already running Windows 10 with over 1 billion hours spent on Windows 10 since launch. We’re seeing strong share growth and see great potential to grow our Windows business in Korea, while working closely with partners to increase distribution of Windows 10 devices around the world.

We were proud to join LG as they announced their new Windows 10 devices, which deliver hardware innovation and help enable new experiences made possible by Windows 10, including the gram 13”, gram 14”, Tabbook Duo (10.1” Tablet), and 21:9 Curved AIO. We’re also excited to share that the LG gram will be available to purchase in Microsoft Stores this holiday.

LG Gram image 1

LG gram 13″

LG PCs can be easily upgraded to Windows 10 and Brian shared that all LG PCs will be running Windows 10 by December. We’re working together to deliver their best products, including the ultrabook gram 13” and gram 14”, with Windows 10 around the world. These devices became available in North America last month and we look forward to bringing them to other markets, including Latin America, where LG will focus on introducing new all-in-one PCs.

We look forward to continuing to work closely with LG to deliver new and innovative experiences. For example, in August, LG shared in collaboration with KT, the world’s first Windows-based IPTV, “Olleh TV All-In-One”. This is a convergence device with a new concept, bringing the PC from individual rooms in households to the living room. U+ IPTV customers can enjoy this new device starting this month and we’ll continue to partner with LG to use Windows 10 as an IoT hub for households in the future.