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October 23, 2015

The best of Halloween comes together in the ghoulish games and spine-tingling movies, TV shows and apps of Shocktober

Halloween is just around the corner, and Microsoft is getting into the spirit with a ‘Shocktober’ lineup of spooky games, apps, music, TV shows and movies. It’s going to be looking a lot like a haunted house around the Windows Store for the next week, so join in the fun today! Here’s a sampling of what’s waiting for you…

Spooky spider web for Shocktober

An Exclusive, limited-time Halloween treat you can’t refuse on Hotel Transylvania

Dracula welcomes guests to the Hotel Transylvania

Rent Hotel Transylvania in the Movies & TV store for the price of a gumball! The Hotel Transylvania is Dracula’s lavish five-stake resort, where monsters and their families can live it up and no humans are allowed. This exclusive offer is good from 10/26 through 11/2.

Windows Games

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta ($9.99) and Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Free)

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta Halloween Costume Pack

What will you be this Halloween? A creepy creeper? A spooky spider? A mooshroom? Now you can dress up in Minecraft with 15 new skins from the Halloween Costume Pack on Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta and Minecraft: Pocket Edition!

Plague Inc. ($.99)

Map of the world as seen in the app Plague Inc.

You become the world’s worst nightmare, spreading deadly pathogens around the globe, in this terrifying mix of strategy and simulation. This month’s game update adds the extreme, zombie-making Necroa Virus, just in time for Halloween! Download Plague Inc. today.

Into the Dead ($.99)

The dead are rising, and you’ve entered their gruesome world in this run-for-your-life, anything-goes zombie adventure. Download Into the Dead today.

Nightmares from the Deep 3 (Free)

Fearless museum curator Sara Black is on the trail of mystery again, but she needs your help on a cursed island to unravel the shiver-me-timbers secrets of legendary pirate Davy Jones. Download Nightmares from the Deep 3 today.

Candy Crush Saga (Free) and Candy Crush Soda Saga (Free) Halloween Sales

Spooktacular Halloween deal for Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga

Get in on the sweetest in match-three games and a spooktacular Halloween deal: seasonally themed in-game sale packs will be available within Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga from October 29-November 2, delivering boosters, power-ups and other special items.

You can find all of these great games and more in the Shocktober Games Collection.

Windows Apps

Netflix (Free)

Watch Hemlock Grove on the Netflix app for Windows 10

Keep the lights on as you watch Hemlock Grove, a scary new Netflix original series set in a run-down Pennsylvania steel town.

Amazon (Free)

Visit the Halloween shop on the Amazon app for Windows

Get your Halloween essentials from the Amazon Halloween shop, ready with candy, spooky special effects, and costumes for you and your pets, too.

iHeartRadio (Free)

Listen to iHeart Radio's spooktacular Halloween Radio station perfect for Halloween

Listen to spooky good mix of Halloween tunes that will set a haunting mood or turn your costume party into a “Thriller” of an event – featuring Skrillex, AC/DC and more.

Crackle (Free)

Watch Super Mansion a Crackle original series

Sit back and watch Super Mansion, a Crackle original comedy series starring Bryan Cranston as an aging super hero and patriarch of a group of young super heroes living together in one very large house.

Audiobooks from Audible (Free)

Listen to spooky audiobooks with Audiobooks from Audible

Immerse yourself in mysteries and thrillers just like they did in the good old days before TV – and hear just how scary a well-told story can be! Download Audiobooks from Audible today.

You can find all of these great apps and more in the Shocktober Apps Collection.

Groove Music

Nightmare Before Christmas: Original Soundtrack (Special Edition) (Free, while supplies last)

Listen to the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack with Groove

The soundtrack from one of the world’s eeriest, oddest, most beloved holiday movies sets the perfect tone for a night of ghoulish fun. Get it free for a limited time, while supplies last!

Shocktober Collection 2015

This playlist wakes the dead, frightens the living and gets everyone in the mood – just ask Alice Cooper, whose “Welcome to My Nightmare” is number 11.

The 10: Must-Have Shocktober Albums (On sale for $6.99 each, 10/23-10/31)

Virtuoso of horror-ific music and movies Rob Zombie lists his top-ten classic albums for the night of the dead – each on sale for just $6.99.

The Dead Weather: Guest Playlist – Inspired By Horror

The Nashville-based group makes their selections for Halloween listening, and you don’t need to know the artists to appreciate the song titles – they start with “You’re Gonna Die” and include “Psycho Killer,” “Jack the Ripper” and “Cannibal.”

Movies & TV

The Walking Dead (Season 6, from $27.99)

A character from the hit show, The Walking Dead looks off into the distance

The Walking Dead returns. With no hope of safety in Alexandria, Rick’s group is forced to resume their precarious fight for survival; for a chance at normalcy in a world of chaos. Watch Season 6 with a Season Pass from Microsoft Movies and TV.

Insidious 3: Chapter 3 (plus Bonus) ($14.99)

A twisted new tale of terror begins for a teenage girl and her family, predating the haunting of the Lambert family in the earlier movies and revealing more mysteries of the otherworldly realm The Further.

American Horror Story: Season 5 (from $22.99)

This TV anthology series about the demonic haunting of the Harmon family was created by some of the folks who brought you Glee, but you won’t be smiling as these episodes unfold.

The Gallows (from $3.99)

Why do the residents of a small town revisit the scene of a horrific accident on its anniversary? To scare the pants off you. Get The Gallows today.

Poltergeist (from $4.99)

The 2015 remake of this terror classic turns up the scares as a family struggles to rescue their daughter from terrifying apparitions.

You can find all of these Horror Hits and more in the Movies and TV sections of the Windows Store.

This is just the beginning of what the Windows Store has to spice up your Halloween in the week ahead. And if you’re an Xbox One fan, don’t miss out on the great Shocktober deals Xbox has to offer! It’s all treats – no tricks – with great deals along the way.