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Welcoming the Galaxy TabPro S to the Windows 10 Family

Written By published March 17, 2016

This morning, I had the pleasure of taking the stage with Samsung, in their beautiful new Samsung 837 loft in Manhattan, to celebrate the US launch of their newest Windows 10 device, the Galaxy TabPro S.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S with Windows 10
The Galaxy TabPro S, which was unveiled in January and that Terry Myerson featured during his appearance in Samsung’s keynote at CES, is the result of years of collaboration between Samsung, Intel and Microsoft. The end result is the Galaxy TabPro S – a beautiful, ultra thin, detachable 2-in-1 that is optimized for entertainment and offers productivity without compromise – the perfect device for both consumers and the enterprise. The TabPro S will be available in Microsoft stores*, Best Buy** and Samsung for $899.99.

The beautifully refined style that people have come to expect in a Galaxy is brought to life in this device. When you hold the Galaxy TabPro S in your hand, you can feel the quality and ultra-refined design. One of the reasons that Samsung decided to bring the Galaxy brand to Windows is the benefits like security, productivity and manageability that only Windows can deliver. This is also a big part of why there are over 200M devices already running Windows 10 globally today.

The TabPro S is not just a PC, it’s a powerful 2-in-1, a form-factor that Microsoft pioneered. The investments the Windows ecosystem is making in 2-in-1s is staggering. Firms, like IDC have noted this growth, saying “Everyone in the industry recognizes that traditional personal computers like desktops and notebooks will potentially be replaced by detachables in the coming years…”  In addition, “Microsoft-based devices will begin taking share from the other platforms, most notably Android.” And, “Windows should command over 50% of the detachable market over iOS and Android, and is slated to capture almost 75% by 2020.”

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S with Windows 10
Click this image to watch an unboxing video of the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S.

As I mentioned previously, the Samsung, Intel and Microsoft teams have spent countless hours collaborating and refining the user experience for the Galaxy TabPro S. Our goal from the outset was to deliver an entirely new experience and build a wonderful Windows 10 device that was not only powerful in computing capability, but also beautiful in design with the upmost functionality for mobile productivity.

With the cover, the TabPro S is ridiculously lightweight, coming in at 1.53 pounds. It’s also the thinnest Windows 10 2-in-1 on the market today.

The first thing you will notice when you pick up a Galaxy TabPro S is how light and thin it is. With the cover, the TabPro S is ridiculously lightweight, coming in at 1.53 pounds. It’s also the thinnest Windows 10 2-in-1 on the market today.

But once you turn it on, I dare you to not be completely blown away by the 12” Super AMOLED screen, which I think is the best screen on the market today. It’s incredibly bright and has so many wonderful viewing angles, perfect for sitting back and watching a movie with your loved ones, browsing on Microsoft Edge, or editing images.

One of the largest areas of investment in the Galaxy TabPro S is the work we’ve done with Samsung to optimize the Cortana experience. Together with Samsung we improved the Cortana speech accuracy from good to exceptional, with scores greater than 90% across all sound environments – from a busy house, to a coffee shop, or office space. I’ve been using the TabPro S for about a month, and I can personally attest to this. The microphone is amazing, and the optimization that our companies did together with the dual-array microphones to optimize for Cortana is extremely impressive. Even in a noisy place, people can hear me clearly.

Customers also have the ability to purchase a pen that will be coming soon, to help them take advantage of the Galaxy TabPro S’ touch screen on Universal Windows Platform applications like Bamboo Paper, but also inking within the Edge browser. In addition, if you pair that pen with OneNote, Powerpoint, even Outlook, you can have a dramatically different Windows 10 experience. Think of what this means for not only business professionals, but people in school, taking notes, or even those who like to sketch in their free time. The Galaxy TabPro S also has a fully functioning keyboard that comes standard with a responsive touchpad and with great feel.  Both the touch and pen and ink experiences on Windows 10 are exceptional, and extend some of the natural ways that people like to interact with devices.

Because of work all of our teams did together, the Galaxy TabPro S gets over ten hours of battery life when watching videos in full-screen. Ideal for long trips and travel.

The Galaxy TabPro S comes standard with an Intel Core M3 processor, which is optimized for Windows 10. Because of work all of our teams did together, the Galaxy TabPro S gets over ten hours of battery life when watching videos in full-screen. Ideal for long trips and travel.

Last but not least, the Galaxy TabPro S comes with all the best features of Windows 10, including powerful enterprise grade security features and reliability that has been designed into the core of the operating system, which make Windows 10 the most secure Windows ever. From first boot up through the supported lifetime of a device, customers will be covered by built-in security features that provide increased protection over time. Enhanced Windows Defender and SmartScreen help keep devices safe from viruses, malware, and even phishing attacks from malicious websites.

The Galaxy TabPro S also allows you to take advantage of all Universal Windows Platform applications and innovative features, like game streaming via the Xbox App, or utilizing Cortana on a daily basis.

As I hope you can tell from the above, we truly believe in the power and beauty of this Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. The design on the TabPro S is second to none. It’s extremely powerful, and beautiful. The premium design and power of the Notebook 9’s marry the thin and light design needed for versatility with the productivity and performance of a desktop. We’ve worked closely with Samsung to integrate Windows 10 into the core of these devices, enabling richer interactions and more ways for people to experience the best of Windows 10 and do things you can’t on a Mac. This tighter integration results in better battery life, quicker response and more fun.

To learn more about the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, I encourage you to visit Microsoft stores*, Best Buy** or



*The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S will be available in Microsoft stores and starting in late April, 2016 in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada.
**The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S will be available at Best Buy beginning Friday March 18, 2016.