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A New PicsArt, Redesigned Exclusively for Windows

Written By published June 2, 2016

At PicsArt we’re committed to building the very best creative tools for Windows 10. And today, we’re releasing a new version of PicsArt that’s redesigned from the ground up to make it easier for you to find inspiration, create amazing images and share them with the world.

And as a special thanks to you, the Windows customer, we’re making all clipart packages free for the month of June. With them, we hope you make creative images like these.

PicsArt for Windows 10
PicsArt for Windows 10
PicsArt for Windows 10

What’s more, we’re giving away four creative technology bundles, including a Surface Pro 4, pen, carrying case, and pen tips. Create a surrealist image with the PicsArt on Windows 10 and submit it in the app for a chance to win. Click here for details.

And now, let’s have a look at why PicsArt is such a great creativity tool for Windows.

Explore: Discover a universe of inspiring images and creative tools.

When first opening PicsArt, you will see the new Explore page where there’s a constantly updated feed of inspiring image cards highlighting the latest creative trends happening in the PicsArt community, creative tutorials and more. Following that are the powerful editing tools of Picsart that enable you to transform your photos into works of art and share them online.

PicsArt for Windows 10

Scroll down to find each section of your Explore page is filled with inspiring images, featured galleries, notable artists to follow and more.

Across the top are the four main elements of the PicsArt experience including, My Network, Explore, Contests and your very own PicsArt Profile. We’ve also improved search to make it easier to find and follow specific hashtags and artists. Here’s a search for #FreeToEdit, which is a popular hashtag that makes any image freely available to to the PicsArt community. If you’re looking for inspiration or just a place to start your creative journey, we invite you to explore the hundreds of thousands of #FreeToEdit images available to you in PicsArt.

PIcsArt for Windows 10

Find an image you like, click on it and edit away!

Profile: Your Creative Identity Online

The PicsArt profile is completely redesigned so everything you need is on one page — your own images, your followers, the people you’re following and your saved photos. And in the same way that you might show your professional identity through a site such as LinkedIn, your PicsArt profile is new way for you to display your “creative identity” with the world.

PIcsArt for Windows 10

My Network: Your New Favorite Place

Outside your profile, PicsArt now has a place that’s all about you. The My Network page is a constantly updated stream of the art that the people you follow create and repost. It’s your go-to place to see what’s happening in your creative community, and it looks better than ever with the new redesign.

PicsArt for Windows 10

These are just some of highlights of the new PicsArt for Windows 10. We hope you’ll download and sign in to PicsArt today and start making amazing images that express your creativity with the world.