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Windows 10 Tip: Write on the web with Microsoft Edge

Written By published October 3, 2016

Did you know you can write directly on webpages in Microsoft Edge and easily save or share what you’ve marked up with friends and colleagues? Microsoft Edge is the only browser with the built-in functionality that lets you take notes, write, doodle and highlight directly on webpages. You can do this with your finger if you’re using a touch-enabled device, with a pen or with your mouse or trackpad.

Here’s how to write on webpages in Microsoft Edge:

Markup webpages in Microsoft Edge

To start marking up a webpage, launch Microsoft Edge and click the pen icon. When you hover over it, you’ll see it says, “Make a Web Note.” Choose either Pen, Highlight or Type, and start writing. When you’ve finished marking up a page, click or touch Save or Share in the right-hand corner when you’re done to save what you’ve marked up on your PC or share out with friends.

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