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Written By published March 6, 2018

Today, over at Xbox Wire, the team from Final Fantasy XV announced the release of the game’s Windows Edition!

Final Fantasy XV

Graphics-wise, the Windows Edition includes many of the latest cutting-edge technologies, allowing for gameplay with an even more beautiful picture quality than Xbox One. With HDR support, the image quality can be output at 4K resolution and a maximum framerate of up to 120 FPS (Frames Per Second).

Windows Edition includes integrated Nvidia Gameworks technology, adding incredibly high-quality graphic expressions to various parts of the game, as well as support for Windows Sonic so you can experience more immersive audio with the flip of a switch.

The other striking thing about the Windows Edition is that the game features have been expanded to meet the needs of PC gamers, including first-person view, mouse and keyboard controls and customization support for PC gamers, as well as support for 21:9 wide-screen display support, cloud-sharing and more.

To read more about the magic of FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION , as well as the challenges the team overcame in its development, head over to Xbox Wire!