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NZXT announces HUE 2 family of RGB lighting accessories for PC builders

Written By published August 21, 2018

Gaming PC with lighting effects

NZXT announced on Tuesday 10 products comprising the new HUE 2 RGB family, delivering the broadest line of RGB lighting accessories for PC builders. NZXT, a leading developer of software-powered hardware solutions for PC gaming, noted that the new HUE 2 ecosystem – including the four-channel HUE 2 RGB controller and the external HUE 2 Ambient Lighting controller, along with several new accessories – provides PC builders more options for customizing their systems.

“If our H Series cases provide a canvas for people to build the gaming PC of their dreams, then our new HUE 2 family provides the palette they paint with,” said Johnny Hou, founder of NZXT. “We love to celebrate the creativity of PC builders and we can’t wait to see the amazing battlestations they create with this complete line of RGB lighting accessories.”

One key innovation in the new family is the addition of a microcontroller to every single RGB accessory. This patent-pending feature allows each HUE 2 component to identify its specific LED configuration, thereby breaking the limits faced by existing RGB components available today.

In addition to allowing for different LED counts and unique accessories, the feature lets builders mix-and-match different components on a single channel, making installation easier and allowing lighting modes to be synchronized across channels.

HUE 2 products are seamlessly integrated into CAM, the free control and monitoring application from NZXT, making it easy for builders to select from a variety of lighting modes, including preset, system and custom modes. With lighting synchronization across channels and accessories, and individually addressable RGB LEDs, a nearly limitless number of lighting setups are possible to make a PC truly unique.

At the heart of the HUE 2 ecosystem are four complete RGB kits that include everything PC builders need to get started: the HUE 2 RGB Lighting Kit, HUE 2 Ambient Lighting Kit, Aer RGB 2 Starter Kit (120mm) and Aer RGB 2 Starter Kit (140mm). Choose one to get started and add accessories to complete and perfect your PC’s lighting.

Accessories abound

Builders can choose from a variety of RGB accessories to express their creativity and build the perfect lighting for their gaming PC. All HUE 2 accessories require a HUE 2 RGB controller, purchased separately in one of the HUE 2 kits.

Aer RGB 2 fans: Known for their distinctive RGB ring, NZXT’s Aer RGB fans have been updated with a new microcontroller and full HUE 2 compatibility, allowing the new fans to be mixed with other HUE 2 accessories on the same channel.

  • Uniquely shaped RGB light guide provides bright, even light dispersion
  • Custom-engineered winglet-tip blades deliver high airflow with reduced fan noise
  • Precisely control fan speeds using pulse-width modulation (PWM)
  • Available in 120mm and 140mm sizes

HUE 2 Underglow accessory: The easy-to-install HUE 2 Underglow accessory incorporates a diffuser to provide a softer, more even glow under the PC case, and is compatible with all HUE 2 lighting modes. Available in two models, one for ATX and EATX cases and the other for mATX and mini-ITX cases.

  • Two custom-designed HUE 2 underglow strips with diffuser
  • PCI pass-through bracket to make installation easier
  • All necessary cables

HUE 2 Cable Comb Accessory: Nothing finishes off a fully-custom PC build like braided PSU cables — except braided PSU cables with RGB lighting. This new HUE 2 accessory adds RGB lighting to cable combs for the 24-, 4+4- and 6+2- pin PSU cables.

  • Supports 3mm diameter braided PSU cables
  • Includes two 24-pin (motherboard), two 4+4-pin (CPU), and two 6+2 (GPU) cable combs

Key features of the HUE 2 RGB and ambient lighting controllers

  • Faster processors deliver virtually instantaneous response and more lighting modes
  • Two additional channels on the HUE 2 RGB Lighting Controller allow for even more HUE 2 accessories to be connected
  • Each channel supports up to six HUE 2 accessories or 40 LEDs
  • Backward compatibility with existing HUE+ accessories
  • Multiple HUE 2 family starter kits are available

Availability and pricing

The new HUE 2 family of products will be available in North America in mid to late August, and in the rest of the world in late August. For a complete list of pricing, see the NZXT press release.