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Mother on a couch with her two boys

‘I’m bored!’ Virtual summer camps to the rescue

By Steve Clarke

With so many events closed this summer, it’s harder than ever to keep kids busy with positive Plus, lots of parents wonder how they can juggle their jobs and home responsibilities with being a camp counselor and activities director to… Read more

Woman smiling as she works at home on a laptop

New computers: why get one now and what to look for

By Steve Clarke

What with the huge growth in video calling and the fact many of us spend a lot more time using our tech devices to stay connected, entertained and educated, yesterday’s computers often just don’t do the trick If you’re on… Read more

Minecraft Dungeons title art

Minecraft Dungeons now available on Windows, console and more

By Steve Clarke

Minecraft Dungeons is out now for Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation "Minecraft Dungeons promises challenges and adventure for players of all skill sets and playing types, but we think that no matter the player, it’s… Read more