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PC gaming
January 31, 2023

Welcome to Camp Enderwood, the summer camp of your dreams and nightmares

In Camp Enderwood, the latest free downloadable content for Minecraft, there is an activity for you whether you just want to sit by the campfire with a marshmallow or face what mysteries lurk in the woods.

“One of the best parts of summer camp is all the different people you meet, and everyone is welcome at Camp Enderwood,” writes Cristina Anderca on “That’s why we’re not only releasing the DLC, but also six new Mattel Creator Series sets that will allow you to express yourself in-game and IRL. These sets are available now and come with action figures inspired by in-game Minecraft player characters, as well as accessories that you can use to customize them to your personal style.”

Head over to to find out more about the sets and other details about the fun you can look forward to in Camp Enderwood.