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IoT in Action: Developing intelligent solutions that change the world

Written By published September 5, 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly changing the world around us and transforming business for the better. Here at Microsoft we’re all in, committing $5 billion to IoT over the next four years. Windows is an essential part of this movement having powered both connected and non-connected devices for years – and it will be part of the new generation of intelligent devices that leverage the power of the cloud and comprise IoT.

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As we will discuss throughout this year’s IoT in Action event series, companies need secure devices that can be quickly provisioned, easily managed and seamlessly connected to the cloud to support their overall business strategies. Let’s talk about some essential aspects to consider when developing and deploying your IoT solution.

Embrace the intelligent edge

Companies can build more productive IoT solutions with secure, intelligent devices at the edge. Our IoT offerings include what businesses need to get started, from operating systems to cloud services to advanced analytics to business applications. We’ve seen that connecting devices to the cloud has enabled a whole new world of scenarios, including making processes more efficient, reducing costs and enabling new business models to enhance your company’s competitiveness.

Using Windows IoT, customers find they can learn more and do more with smarter devices. Windows 10 IoT is integrated by design with Azure IoT so you can quickly harness the power of the intelligent edge. With integrated cloud connectivity, Azure IoT can provision and manage Windows 10 IoT Enterprise devices and provide advanced edge capabilities like containers, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and computer vision.

Build in intelligent security

As IoT-enabled devices become more sophisticated, so do the corresponding threats, which is why companies need to ensure they are incorporating the proper management and security into their IoT solutions.

Data should be protected throughout the entire process: when it’s at rest, in motion and during execution. To accomplish this, Windows 10 IoT provides the best endpoint security, building on the strengths of Windows Embedded while also offering new cloud and security enhancements that protect your IoT solutions from device to cloud.

Windows 10 security is built-in and always up-to-date for the supported lifetime of the device. But we’re not stopping there. To ensure devices everywhere – large and small – are secure, Microsoft has taken the 7 Properties of Highly Secured Devices and created the Azure Sphere solution. As the industry’s first holistic platform to provide security for microcontroller (MCU) devices, Azure Sphere combines cloud security, a secured OS, and a secured MCU to protect and power devices at the intelligent edge.

Partner to create and deploy solutions – faster

It takes months to build and deploy IoT solutions. With Windows 10 IoT, you can create solutions faster with a familiar app environment, tools and framework. Yet getting to market quickly also takes collaboration. Here at Microsoft, finding the right partners to swiftly build and scale solutions is a top priority.

8 West and Testify, for instance, are companies that have built IoT devices to save lives and help us get to our destinations faster and more comfortably. They serve as key examples of how Microsoft encourages partnerships and helps companies build and get repeatable IoT solutions to market faster.

Leverage Microsoft’s extensive partner ecosystem of device makers, developers, consultants and integrators to create the best IoT solution for your business need. The IoT in Action events will feature a digital matchmaking tool designed to help attendees identify and meet the partner or customer most suited to their immediate business need or opportunity.

Build IoT solutions with endless possibilities

IoT in Action is a one-day event designed to give you the chance to meet and collaborate with Microsoft’s customer and partner ecosystem to build and deploy new IoT solutions that can be used to change the world.

At this year’s event, we’re providing an increased number of hands-on technical sessions and in-depth learning around IoT security and the IoT opportunity. You’ll gain actionable insights, deepen partnerships and unlock the transformative potential of the intelligent edge and intelligent cloud.

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