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Nick Parker, Roanne Sones and Rodney Clark standing on a stage at Computex 2019 next to a table of PC laptops

Computex 2019: Keynote showcases how Microsoft enables innovation and opportunity on the intelligent edge

By Athima Chansanchai

At Computex in Taipei, Microsoft executives Roanne Sones, corporate vice president of OS Platforms and Rodney Clark, vice president of IoT Sales, joined Nick Parker, corporate vice president of Consumer and Device Sales, in the keynote address to showcase Microsoft 365, Windows platform and Azure IoT technologies and services that device partners can use to deliver innovative modern PC experiences and build… Read more

IAV connected highly automated driving

Windows 10: The Platform for the Intelligence Revolution

By Craig Dewar

As we enter into what the industry refers to as the fourth Industrial Revolution, or ‘Industry ’, Microsoft believes it is intelligence that will most significantly enable Industry in Simply “connecting things” is not With these new ecosystems customers can… Read more