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December 10, 2018

Waiting until the last minute to shop for the holidays? You’re not alone, and Microsoft Store has you covered

Microsoft Store winter graphic

For some, holiday gift giving is an exercise in ingenuity, and shoppers become even more resourceful as the countdown winds down. Microsoft Store conducted an online survey* with U.S. shoppers who self-identify as last-minute gifters. They shared why they procrastinate when it comes to purchasing gifts.

The survey revealed that the majority of last-minute gift shopping is done in two weeks or less, with 25 percent taking place in two days or less – and 37 percent feel stressed about it. If you’re one of these shoppers, Microsoft Store can help you up your gifting game this holiday season and ease the pressure thanks to free shipping and returns on every item, every day. You can also buy your gifts online and pick them up at your local Microsoft Store. Or go entirely digital, by gifting apps, games, and other content through your Windows 10 PC, Xbox One console, or online.

Microsoft Store also has you covered when it comes to selecting gifts that suit your last-minute shopping style. Additional results uncovered procrastinating behaviors that were decoded into five archetypes: the Illusionist, the Overcompensator, the Card Dealer, the Present Perfectionist, and the Shameless Staller.

Think you fall into one of these categories? Read on to find out more about each type and the Microsoft Store’s suggestions for what each type could pick up as presents while there’s still time. For more inspiration, check out Microsoft’s holiday gift guide.

Illustration infographic showing a man in a tophat and cape with snow behind him as The Illusionist, "The thought was there, even if the present wasn't." 57% of procrastinators have used the ol' "It's in the mail" or "I forgot it at home" trick. 28% end up grabbing something convenient while running errands.

What to buy?

JBL Flip 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker: From partying on the patio to boomin’ on the beach, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker is ready to crank out the jams.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 gaming headset: In gaming, hearing can be the difference between a w00t dance and an early exit. Help them get their w00t on.

Illustrated infographic shows The Overcompensator as a blond woman. "Can money make up for time and thought?" is under this title, with statistics that say 19% of procrastinators bank on big-ticket items to do the trick. 78% reported a positive reaction to their gifts.

What to buy?

Xbox One S Fortnite Bundle: A fave game with a fave console.

Surface Laptop 2: Beyond the traditional laptop, this Surface has a unique, elegant and ultra-light build to complement your style.

Illustrated infographic shows a man as The Card Dealer, "They've got a gift card up their sleeve...and that's it." 20% admit gift cards are the least favorite gift they've given and 62% end up buying them when the clock's running out.

What to buy?

Xbox Game Pass: Immediate access to more than 100 games.

Microsoft Store digital gift card: Give the gifts of apps, games, and more.

Illustrated infographic shows The Present Perfectionist as a woman, "The search for the perfect gift never ends." 46 percent cite indecision or the need to find the perfect gift as their reason for dallying and 18% make a DIY gift.

What to buy?

Xbox Design Lab: From shadows to camos to NFL team logos, you can make them a one-in-a-billion controller that perfectly matches them and their style, gaming and otherwise.

Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit: Kids – and big kids – get to unlock their inner wizard and learn how to code by making wand-directed magic happen.

Illustrated infographic showing a woman as The Shameless Staller, "no shame in their tardy shopping game." 47% of procrastinators count on their family to love and accept them anyway. 80 percent of female Stallers believe their recipients don't know it was a last-minute gift and 38% of Stallers go to the mall with under 24 hours to spare.

What to buy?

Surface Go: The most portable Surface yet is primed for life on the go. At just over a pound, they’ll go far.

JLab Audio Epic Sport Wireless Earbuds: Durable, sweat-proof, and wireless with customizable sizing for comfort and top tier audio make an epic gift, especially for those who tune in on the go.

*SurveyMonkey. Last-Minute Gifting Survey, 11-12 Oct. 2018. Based on a sample of 1,003 Americans aged 18-44 who identify as last-minute gift givers.

Editor’s note: The footnote’s sample number was updated after publication.