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January 17, 2019

Choose your own layout with updated Microsoft News app

Layout choices for your news feed: standard, compact or text-only

Users of the newly redesigned Microsoft News app for iOS and Android have given the release high marks in their feedback, plus some interesting feature suggestions. One of the top requests has been for the ability to choose a more compact layout of the news feed.

In response, the Microsoft News team announced Thursday the new Layout Choices feature for your news feed on your phone.

“This feature puts you in control of the layout for your news feed: standard, compact or text-only,” Senior Program Manager Lance Lee said in a blog post. “While the standard layout provides a modern and beautiful experience, you can choose to see more news stories at a glance in the compact or text-only views.”

Check out the blog post for additional images, info and more. Don’t have the Microsoft News app yet? Get it now for your iOS or Android device.